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Wondering About Tax Credits?

For a complete list of state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, click the link below.

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Bringing your renewable goals to life!  You CAN control fuel costs!


Solar Panels and Solar
Hot Water Heaters

Federal & State Income Tax Credits

New MA SMART program!

Add your home to the growing group of homeowners    “who have taken control of electrical costs. “

The Choices are, continue to invest in your Electric Company, or invest in Yourself.

Ownership and Leasing. Often the difference is keeping $45,000 in your pocket or $10,000 in your pocket.

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Harness the Sun to Heat your Water!

Residential and Commercial

Heating Domestic Hot water or PreHeating water for a commercial boiler, using the Sun’s power will save money.

Innovative Sunbandit Systems are an evolved product eliminating the plumbing from roof to the ground floor as well as eliminating all pumps and associated controls!

No Leaks and no fluids passing through the building!


These systems use Solar PV panels, dedicated Micro Inverters and their own storage tank to provide maintenance free hot water.

There is NO Connection to the Grid!


$ave with your personal solar system…

Solar Hot Water

Find the renewable  energy solution that’s  right for you!

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Changing the Game-

Direct Solar PV to Hot Water

      No Pumps, No Hoses!

Aqueous Hybrid Ion Batteries

Safe Non-Toxic Non-Caustic

Certified Cradle to Cradle

Made In USA!

Built from research at Carnegie Mellon and manufactured in the USA in their new fully automated assembly plant Aquion Energy provides the first Green Solution to Energy Storage.

     Why Green?

These batteries are:

     100% recyclable

                   have no hazardous materials

                                 are not flammable or caustic!

Flexible to meet your design needs

                     Longest Battery Life and NO Watering!

Solar Thermal Energy Storage

Affordable heat that grows on trees…

Wood Pellet Boilers and Furnaces

Wood pellets are a locally produced renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical and convenient to use. An Automatic Boiler or Furnace is the perfect solution to heat your home.

Okofen Automatic Pellet Boilers, assembled in the U.S., set the standard for engineering, efficiency and customer satisfaction for Forced Hot Water Heating. Okefen Automatic Pellet Furnaces, assembled in the U.S., set the standard for engineering, efficiency and customer satisfaction for Forced Hot Air Heating.

**Okofen systems meet the New Hampshire and Massachusetts rebate standards.

* Okofen products listed here are sold and installed by New Day Energy LLC, a New Hampshire Corporation not associated with this site. Information related to pellets is provided here to assist the public in locating the most qualified supplier and installer of Okofen products.


New MA Incentives!

Effective 11/26/2018




Expanded Solar PV


Energy Storage!

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